Who Will Benefit:
This program is designed for students who are already being taught through 1:1 behavioral intervention and have acquired some of the skills required to transition to a mainstream school, but are still unable to learn independently in the classroom setting.  

How It Works:
The student’s behavioral trainer will attend school along with the student and act as the shadow supporting them in the classroom. The shadow teacher will be trained to support the child in listening and learning in a classroom setting, and will not replace the class teacher. The timing for this will depend on the amount of time spent by the child in the school. Initially, the duration will be very short, with the goal of ensuring quality learning time in the classroom rather than the quantity. Gradually, the time will increase according to the student’s progress and 1:1 intervention will be reduced, so that the majority of learning happens in the classroom itself. 

The initial goal will be to provide the student with exposure in a mainstream environment in which classroom skills will be taught, based on their behavioral practices.  As the child’s self-sufficiency and skills improve, the goal will shift to reducing the amount of support provided by the shadow, so that the student can gradually function independently in the classroom.