Who Will Benefit:
This model is designed for students who are currently enrolled in mainstream schools and making considerable progress but are reportedly having behavioral difficulties according to teachers. They may be having trouble paying attention to the teacher, following instructions and copying information from the blackboard, staying in their seat during lessons, etc. 

How It Works:
With the permission of the student’s school authorities, the Behavior Consultant will be present in the classroom and observe the student during lessons and tasks. Ideally, this will take a few visits, so that the Consultant has an idea of how the student behaves in different lessons. The Applied Behavioral Analysis depends upon the kind of behavioral tendencies exhibited by the child. The Consultant will also speak to the teachers to get their observations and discuss possible interventions. A report will be prepared, identifying the areas to work on and suggesting modifications which might help the teacher get better responses from the student. 

To identify areas in which the student is facing difficulties and design specific strategies to help them perform better in the mainstream classroom.