Group Inclusion: The targets vary according to the level of the group and individual difference. In general, the program will help in building basic skills, such as-

  • Improving sitting behavior.
  • Improving ability to follow classroom instructions.
  • Independently completing assignments and tasks.
  • Responding to one’s name only when called to answer questions.
  • Raising hand to answer questions or to get teacher’s attention. 

Social Skills: Here too, the targets will vary according to the level of the students in the group, and will help to build skills, like-

  • Greeting peers.
  • Sharing.
  • Responding when other students call or ask for something.
  • Initiating interaction.
  • Playing games.
  • Reading and comprehending body language, emotions, gestures, etc.

There will be 2 trainers for every 5 students, unless a particular student needs special support. Teaching will be conducted in a group format but each student will still have individualized goals; and data will be collected individually to monitor progress.